Andre Sergunin / photographer / videographer / designer

Miami based independent photographer / videographer and Apple™ specialist – Andre Sergunin aka «Somnambula Animation» has been producing photography, animation and video since 2003.

We specialize in producing video with a cinematic look, giving you film quality without the film cost. We are a small company with big ideas and always try to work within the client’s budget.

We will handle all of your production needs, including live events, corporate, green screen, web and TV commercials, music videos, concerts, wedding and more.

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Also you can find me as musician. My studio projects are «Karakurt» and «Room» you can listen to them on this web site.

appleIf you have a broken Apple™ device «iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac» or any problem associated with the software and firmware, so you can make an appointment by contacting me.

For prices and conditions please call +1 (305) 924 3029 or an email.

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